♦  "I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did on selling my condo at 3340 W89A #8. Sedona, Arizona 86336. You have an ability to do what is necessary to accomplish the transaction. Without hesitation I would recommend you as a Realator for anyone seeking property in Sedona or the surrounding area. You can share this or have them call me. God bless you in all you do.  Gerald"

♦  "We are pretty much settled - inside at least - and truly love our new home.  Thanks for all your help in making the dream a reality.  Give a call when you have a few minutes and come by to see the transformation.  It's awesome! Lynn"

♦ "Hi Cathy, Thank you a million more times for all you've done for Hector and me and my family.  Mom still talks endlessly about their visit to Sedona.  Thank you for making that special for her.  I hope Hector and I someday have a chance to "repay" you and Kelly.  Hopefully soon...Can't wait to move back home to our wonderful new house.  Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you.  Vikki."

♦ "Thank you for sticking with us! But I still feel sad we are not owners any more. But.. we both feel like we will be back there and you will be our agent again. You are a wonderful lady and sales agent and friend. Please stay in touch. We enjoy the email. Love, Elaine and Jim"

♦ "To whom it may concern, The following is a letter of recommendation as to the performance of Cathy Egry, Sedona Realty, Sedona, Arizona. Cathy was my realtor for the duration of the process which ended with the sale of my home, 92 Stone Circle, Sedona, Arizona, 86351 on December 15, 2009. At our first meeting she clearly detailed all important data, step by step, which informed me of her responsibilities as well as mine. After thoroughly inspecting my home, she took pictures and spend time and energy to discuss how I should "dress" my home for sale. After I had completed this task she retook the pictures and made a virtual tour of my home to post on her website. In the following meetings, she reviewed all the comps and together we viewed countless homes that were in my price range, so I could see the competition and make more informed choices. She was always on time and even called to remind me of important dates. She continued to check my home, make suggestions and made sure that I always had a full information box. Her communication skills were outstanding; clear and personal. Cathy's suggestions for our continuing strategy were based on extensive research into marketing conditions and the changing value of my home. She used many creative avenues in marketing my home,i.e, publications, networking, and internet opportunities. Cathy was supportive and arrived early to set up and organize showings and open houses for other realtors and public open houses. I was totally satisfied with her performance, Cathy is an outstanding realtor; moral, ethical, personable, professional and an industrious worker for her client. I would recommend her to any perspective buyer or seller. Sincerely, Barbara R."

♦ "Cathy sold us our vacation home in Lake Montezuma.  We are absolutely in love with the house and the way the transaction was handled.  Cathy was able to provide all the information and history which made the buying decision seamless.  We are from Chandler, AZ, so after after the showing, all of the negotiating, bidding, contracts, title and funding were handled electronically.  This allowed the process to flow much quicker than using traditional mail or couriers.  It was refreshing to work with someone who knows how to make use of available technology.  We had minor work that we wished to have completed prior to the close and Cathy went out of her way driving from Sedona to Lake Montezuma to greet and allow contractors access.  She made a special trip to measure rooms so we could make carpeting decisions.  Her abundant list of reliable contractors has proven extremely valuable as we have continued to make improvements.  Cathy is highly reliable, dependable and thorough and an excellent resource not only in the real estate business but with home improvement as well." Marc and Donna P.

♦ "For us, looking at real estate has always been an adventure. Cathy approached our search in the same spirit and quickly learned our interests and requirements. She initially showed us everything we requested to see, but then began to expertly select certain properties that she thought were closer to our needs as she watched and listened to us throughout each viewing. Towards the end of our search, she was able to anticipate our reactions and recommended some excellent opportunities. When we had selected a home and began to move through the complicated process of purchasing a foreclosed property, she was an invaluable resource. Her advice, contacts, and sense of humor smoothed out many a wrinkle that could have soured a deal. Her patience and attention to detail made our home purchase a truly rewarding experience. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that working with Cathy is also a great deal of fun. She is contageously upbeat. A property showing can easily evolve into a tour of the surrounding communities as she shows off an area she clearly knows and loves. She took us to local attractions, recommended restaurants, and took a genuine interest in making us feel like special clients. She's not shy about attempting to traverse any road and her frequent battles with new technology only added to our mutual enjoyment. Her carefree facade hides a level of professionalism that is rare today. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking in the greater Sedona area." (Luke, Sedona, AZ)

  "Cathy Egry has all the characteristics of an excellent real estate agent: she is knowledgeable, thorough, prompt, engaged and professional. What makes her exceptional is her personal vibrancy and her respect for her clients. Cathy showed us everything available in Sedona that met each and every one of our specific requirements...nothing more, nothing less. Then, without pressure or a personal agenda, she gave us the time and space to make our own decision. Clearly, she had our best interests in mind.
Linda and Vincenzo B.

  "When we were selling our home in Houston, we told our realtor we were moving to Sedona and he gave us Cathy Egry's name as a contact person.  We met with Cathy when we began our relocation search and she treated us like family from day one.  She showed us as many homes as we wanted to see, including the townhome we eventually bought at least three times.  Cathy is a real honest to goodness person - not someone out to make a quick buck, but someone honestly looking out for her customers' best interests.  Even after we suspended our home search, she kept looking and remained in touch with us and eventually was able to find us the perfect home (yes it was the townhome we looked at 3 times).  We would recommend Cathy in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a home in Sedona or elsewhere in the Verde Valley area."   
Santo G. and Marisol M. (Sedona, AZ)

  "We were introduced to Cathy Egry by some very close friends who moved to Sedona.  Since we had high regard for these particular friends, we felt that their recommendations were significant.  We asked Cathy to help us purchase a few rental properties.   From the moment the process first began, and way beyond, Cathy never missed a detail.  There was never any pressure and it was obvious that she had our best interests in mind.  She was reliable and patient in explaining the process that resulted in our purchase.  A few years later we bought another property through Cathy.  We continue to stay in contact and always get together with her when in Sedona.  We would recommend her to anyone and everyone.  She is knowledgeable, forthright and of excellent character."                     
Tony & Diane V. (Malibu, CA)

  “When we selected Cathy to sell our house in Sedona we were expecting a long sales cycle, as real estate was very slow to move in Sedona and almost everywhere else. We found Cathy to be easy to work with and quick to understand our requirements. What really made us happy was she sold the property in a very few weeks in what was a slow period in real estate.  Thank you, Cathy, for your very professional service."
Chuck and Charlene B.

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